Are You Embarrassed By Your Writing?

When I ask new clients why they haven’t written their first article yet, I often get a lot of shim-shammy answers! “Uh, I don’t have the time. Oh, I don’t know what to write about.” These are not valid reasons to not write. And using my psychotherapist background, I will tell you that it is rarely the truth.

The real reason why many people like yourself never write a thing — and that goes for articles, ebooks, print books, etc. is because you are embarrassed by your writing. You don’t like what you’ve written once you write it. You crumble up the paper and throw it in the trash can. You press delete on the last 3 sentences you wrote. You close the application and do not “save” the last document. Have you ever asked yourself why?

One of my clients explained, “Writing is so personal. I think people will make a judgment about me and what I do based on what I write.”

To some extent, she’s right. Your writing will be seen as a reflection of your business. Your articles have to give something of value to the reader. If they don’t, then a judgment may be made that you are not really an “expert” on your topic. Your writing needs to clearly position you in article after article as someone who knows what they are talking about. Not necessarily someone who writes eloquently.

The key to eliminating writing embarrassment is to:

1. Write Like You Talk
Do not try to sound like a college professor when your write your articles on homemade dog food! It’s just silly. My 5th grader should be able to read your articles and understand them. If not, then you could be writing way over the heads of your audience. People will connect with you, your message will resonate with them, if you speak to them directly and in your everyday voice. Imagine if you were talking about your topic with a friend in your kitchen. That’s how you should write about it as well.

2. Don’t Over Think It
I was paralyzed for literally years about doing teleseminars.  That is because I always over thought them. What was I going to talk about? Would I say the right things? That’s what many people do when it comes to writing articles. Did that sentence sound good? Is anyone going to read this? Just stop it. Really. It’s way more important for you to just get the article written and out there in the world. Perfection is not necessary nor the end goal of article marketing.

3. Get Support
Sometimes we all need a little pat on the back or just a little encouragement. Do you have those types of people in your life? Luckily for me, those people are often from my own list. If I write an article that truly resonates with people, I can always tell, because I will get a lot of retweets on Twitter or I will get a lovely personal email from someone. That feels great to me. Sometimes its all I need to motivate me to write a few more articles after dinner.

If you don’t have that list of people yet, send one of your articles to a friend, to a peer, to someone who “gets” what you do for a living and ask for feedback. Sometimes you will get a “great job” and other times you may get a really constructive critique such as “hey, I wish you would explain more about…”

This is what professional fiction authors do all the time. There are not many authors who when they were new to writing, didn’t join a writer’s group, looking for feedback on their writing. That’s one of the reasons I create the article marketing network, so that writers could submit their articles to others for critique or virtual “pats on the back”. It’s free to join and people are on their connecting and talking about their writing.

Finally, if you think that your embarrassment may be somewhat “deserved” because you just haven’t figured out the whole article marketing thing, you may want to work with me personally and get a one-on-one article marketing makeover. I love doing these because they really transform peoples’ blocks when it comes to writing as well as the quality of their content.

Whatever you do, I hope that you will use one of these tips or resources to get past the feelings of embarrassment and fear that’s stopping you from your writing potential. That’s the key, you’ve go to do something different to see a different outcome.

Are you ready to write without fear today?


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