What Should I Include In My Autoresponder Emails?

What Should I Include In My Autoresponder Emails?

autoresponder emailsIt’s time you think about your business in the shoes of your prospects. What happens when they visit your site and follow one of your call to actions? For example, imagine you’ve written a killer article and the prospect clicks on your resource link. They are led to one of your landing pages and want to opt-in to your list. Now what?

It’s crucial to understand that if you do not follow up with your new subscribers (prospects) REGULARLY, when you do decide to send something out they may not remember who you are and mark your email as SPAM and/or unsubscribe. Regular communication is essential and it’s real easy to do with your autoresponder. So here you go…

Here’s An Easy-To-Follow Plan For New Subscribers:

1. Redirect them to a “please confirm” page after opting in. Most reputable autoresponder list services (like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact) will require a double-opt-in.

2. Redirect them to a “success page” after they’ve confirmed their subscription.

3. Even after all of your hard work setting up your success page, many subscribers often do not see it, so it’s a smart idea to send a “success email” as your first autoresponder message. If you included a gift for subscribing, it’s a good idea to include the link to that gift in this first email as well. People want their freebies:)

4. Okay don’t stop there — and here’s where things really get good. After the first email, it’s important to keep actively working on building a relationship with your subscribers. An easy way to do this is to continue your communication with them and send them additional emails.

Some entrepreneurs like to write personal emails on a regular basis which absolutely have their place, but if you’re looking to save time, and more importantly expose your subscribers to more of your content – use your autoresponder.

So What Do You Put In These Autoresponder Emails?

It’s a great idea to take inventory of the articles and other content on your site. What are your favorite articles? Which ones received the most comments and created the most buzz on Twitter or Facebook? These are the articles I would select to spotlight in your autoresponder emails.

So say you select 7 articles. Now you will create 7 separate emails – each introducing the topic of your article and also including the link to the full article on your site.

It’s important to understand that you are not promoting or selling anything from these emails. You simply want to lead new subscribers back to your site and expose them to more of your great content (your articles). This more than anything will help you to build trust with your list and will also establish you as the “go to source” when you are then ready to promote your next offer.

How Often Should You Send Out Your Autoresponder Emails?

There are experts out there with wide varying opinions on how often you should send an email to your list, but I try not to send my members anymore than two emails a week. That means one email is my weekly newsletter and the other is one of my autoresponder emails.

Want to see this in action? If you’re new to the site or you subscribe via RSS feed, you can sign up for my list and pay attention to the emails I send you. They have a very high conversion rate.





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