Article Ideas: Haiti Earthquake

Unfortunately, when there is a natural disaster of catastrophic proportions such as the earthquake on the island of Haiti, there are also a lot of opportunities to write about relevant and meaningful issues surrounding natural disasters.

You can probably write about Haiti and relate it to almost any niche you are in. Ramifications of an earthquake of this magnitude are man and affect all aspects of life for the people of Haiti, for their loved ones in other countries, government, aid efforts, etc.

Here are a few examples of articles you could write about the Haiti earthquake and with a bit of tweaking you can relate them to your topic:

1. Create a list of reputable relief organizations that people can donate monies to. Include all contact information. Addresses. Website addresses.

2. How can we provide long-term relief for the people of Haiti.

3. What the people in Haiti need most.

4. What is an earthquake and why do they inflict such destruction?

5. The history of Haiti and other facts about the island in crisis.

6. What do relief organizations actually provide people in need during natural disasters?

7. The emotional ramifications of a deadly natural disaster on it’s victims.

8. What happens when the cameras leave. Who will help Haiti when the media coverage is over?

9. Is The World Coming To An End Or Have There Always Been Deadly Earthquakes?

10. Famous People From Haiti

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