Article Ideas: How To Write A Real Life Success Story Article

One of the biggest obstacles with article writing and article marketing is the level at which some people can produce new and fresh content. I know that many of us have sat many an hour staring at our blank computer screens wondering where the inspiration was going to bubble up from!

Yet I believe that many of us creative authors, speakers, coaches, and other solopreneur types get stuck because we tend to fall in the habit of over-intellectualizing our writing. It’s not that deep ‘yall! In fact, I have a great article generation tip that has probably been in front of you the whole time and you just never thought to write it down.

Do you have coaching clients? How about even one? Do you have customers who have said “thank you!” If you do, even if you have just one, you have a great article idea. Writing an article about a customer or client success story is a real easy article for you to write for several reasons:

1. You know the story already. You have lived it in real life. You know what you did for the customer or client, how their business or lives benefited from what you do, and the end result. So there is no research involved or worrying about how to explain the information. This is real easy – just tell what happened.

2. You can use a lot of direct quotes in your success story which helps the article read almost like a 400 word testimonial! So these type of articles pack a wallop of benefits for you and your business. This is an example of an article idea that can truly send you “qualified” prospects back to your site and sets you up as an automatic authority.

3. People love success stories. Have you ever bought one of those woman’s health related magazines simply for the fact that you wanted to read the exercise success stories? How about that yearly issue of a couple of the main trade magazines that feature real-life weight loss success stories?

You know why they feature those every year? Because people gobble them up at the supermarket. We love REAL LIFE success stories, because if someone else was able to do it then we become really inspired that we can succeed as well. It’s all about how they relate to the person being featured.

So How Do I Write A Good Real-Life Success Story Article?

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