Article Ideas: Review A Book In Your Niche Lately?

Writers block is real, and sometimes there just isn’t any “working through” the article you are writing. Sometimes you have to leave it alone and go write something else and come back to it. That’s why if you’re looking for a great article idea until you can finish that old article, then an easy solution is to review a book in your niche.

If you are involved in a market that produces a profit, someone has written something about it or at least related to it. To find out about a new book release in your niche, you can search for new releases, search PR sites ( for press releases related to your niche, or you can watch the leaders in your niche and review their latest book or infoproduct.

The key to writing a book review that actually gets read these days is to be thought provoking. Only write the review if the book affected you in some way (good or bad), because it is only then that you will write out of a genuine place.

People will know when the reviews you write are  just “filler” or when they are true reviews of books you have actually read. So sometimes it’s easier to write a review on something you have already read and enjoyed (or hated), instead of seeking out a new book to review.

Remember this is suppose to be easy — another way to write a meaningful article for your readers — while you work out the kinks in that “other” article you were working on:)

Also, this is a great way to start being seen in your marketplace. When you start writing reviews of people who are in your niche, those people will notice. They may reach out to you and ta-da a joint venture is born!

Remember this…

1. Pick a book, ebook, or infoproduct from a leader in your niche. The newer the better.

2. Write your review, add a few links back to the author, and make sure you add an affiliate link for readers to purchase the book.

3. Send a quick note to the author or press agent that you have reviewed the book ( if it’s a good review:).

4. Link to your review from social media sites or forums in your niche.

5. Optimize your article with keywords related to the book’s title and subject matter. I’ve seen many times that reviews of a book have ranked higher in the search engines then even the author’s site!


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