Article Ideas: Steroid Use In American Baseball

We thought the baseball steroid use story had finally died down, but we were wrong! Now another baseball player, Mark McGwire,  has finally admitted to his use of steroids during his career.

Since reporters and commentators on all the sports stations, newspaper columns, radio shows etc. are no doubt discussing this story — there will probably be a surge in the searches for steroid use on the web.

Here are a couple of article ideas to capture some of that search engine traffic if you are in general news, sports, health and wellness, or some other related niche:

1. The Steroid Era: Famous Baseball Players And Their Records During The Steroid Era

2. What Are Steroids And How Are They Manufactured?

3. Steroid Use: Has It Been A Witch Hunt?

4. Steroid Use In High School Sports

5. Can Your Child Buy Steroids On The Internet?

6. The Myths Vs. The Truths About Steroids

7. Why Do Baseball Players Admit To Steroid Use?

8. How Did Professional Athletes Begin Using Steroids?

9. A Look Into Mark McGwire’s Career In Baseball

10. Where Is Sammy Sosa?

11. What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Using Steroids?


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