Article Ideas: Talk About Great Inventions!

If you look at the bottom of my blog, you will notice that I say that my site is powered by Pepsi, Chips, and my company Grow Your Self Inc. That is soooo true:) As I sit here writing this article, I am sipping on a cup of cherry Pepsi through a straw that I probably swiped from a past visit to Wendy’s. My kids love their nuggets:) Which brings me to me next thought.

If you are looking for an article idea to get your juices flowing for the new year, I was doing a little research and discovered that the sipping straw was patented on January 2nd, 1888. I hope that guy died wealthy! Haven’t we all used a straw? I love to hear those types of patent stories. Sometimes you forget that the things we use in everyday life, at one point, had to have been invented or created by someone.

Consider your niche. Write about something that was invented in your niche that changed the face of your marketplace. Write about something that is rarely discussed. For instance, everyone talks about the invention of televisions, but what about the remote control?

Writing about inventions or re-inventions in your niche will get your readers interested and inspired. It’s an article that they will remember. Which means that they will remember you.

And of course don’t forget to find a way to tie-in the article and/or relate it to your business. Relevancy is important as well. Also key…

Have Fun!

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