Article Ideas: Tiger Woods Article Ideas

Is there any surprise that there are over 28 million Google results for the most famous golf player in the world – Tiger Woods. Probably more by the time I post this article – no doubt something new has been reported:)

I’m not saying that we have to be ambulance chasers here, but the truth is, is that if you can find a way to tie your business into any “hot topic” on the web then you are guaranteed to get a nice big surge of traffic temporarily and a trickle of steady traffic for a long time to come.

For instance, I did the same thing recently when Michael Jackson died. I wrote an article about how to generate Michael Jackson article ideas for writers. This article brought me an immediate surge of traffic to my site, was well re-tweeted, and it continues to bring me traffic.

One version of my article holds the #1 spot on Google for Michael Jackson Article Ideas and another version of it hosted on my site holds the number #8 spot. Not bad out of over 12 million results and 30 minutes work! *Take a look by searching for: “michael jackson article ideas”

So here you go, some Tiger Woods article ideas to get you going and getting the search engine traffic that you so richly deserve!

This is a PERFECT opportunity for all you brand strategists!

1. Write tons of articles on how you would quickly save Tiger’s brand.

2. If you think that his brand isn’t in any danger, you can write about why.

Other Article Ideas…

3. Write articles on the role of celebrity. Are they role models? Are our expectations too high?

4. Write an article on what Tiger’s troubles may mean to other golf players. Is this a perfect opportunity for someone to step in and take the #1 spot?

5. Talk about Tiger Woods and the media. The paparazzi. Have they gone too far in examining his story?

6. Talk about the Tiger Woods story and social media. No doubt it is the result of the new social media stratosphere, that we heard about Tiger’s accident and subsequent mistresses, etc. in REAL time.

7. Talk about Tiger Woods and cheating. This story has made a lot of women, girlfriends and wives ask the age-old question – Why do men cheat?

8. In cases of infidelity, some men say that they are sex addicts. This is a hot topic that you can write an article about. Define it. Give examples of what it is and what it is not. Why it happens. Signs and clues.

Trust me, this is a no brainer. I know everyone out there is saying they are sick of this story, but the statistics don’t lie. People are gobbling it up.

Tiger Woods is an athlete. A branding machine. An alleged adulterer. A father. A son. A husband. A dog owner. There must be some way you can tie in this hot topic into your business. When you do, you will enjoy the traffic.


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