Article Market

When sitting down to write your articles, remember that it is important that you are very clear about who your article market is.

1. Are you writing for entrepreneurs or solopreneurs?

2. Are you writing to financial experts or people who need financial help?

3. Are you writing to those who want to diet or those who want to exercise?

4. Are your readers young or old?

5. Are your readers high school educated or have they had post-graduate experience?

6. Are your readers working class or upper middle class earners?

Sometimes when we sit down to write an article based on the new program, service, or product we have to offer — we are so excited about getting the information down that we forget that each article we write needs to connect purposefully with our specific article market.

If you haven’t already, choose your target market, and then make the decision to focus on delivering the market the information that they need– in language that they understand. Once you have found that sweet spot of article marketing – you will connect with your prospects effortlessly!

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