Article Marketing 101: How Often Should I Publish Articles?

A lot of people seem to ask me how often they should publish articles because of several reasons:

1. They want to write as little as possible and want to know what is the acceptable bare minimum. (ugh!)

2. They want to make sure they don’t publish too many articles at one time, as they have heard that search engines do not like when too many backlinks are created to a site at one given time. (true)

3. They want to estimate the time that they will have to dedicate to writing and publish articles. (fair enough)

4. They want to tell their virtual assistants how often to publish their work. (outsourcing – cool!)

5. They want to create a “writing schedule”, so they can submit articles on a regular basis. (that’s what I’m talking about!)

I typically give any new client the same answer – you should publish articles as often as you can, and this is why…

1. The bare minimum will not be enough to see true results in your article marketing.

2. In order to suffer the typical search engine penalty for creating too many “unnatural backlinks” to your site, you would have to publish your article to hundreds of sites in a 24 hour period. Even the best article submission services know that they need to “stagger” your article submissions for a more natural result.

3. It’s a good idea to get an idea of how much time it takes you to typically write and submit one 500 word article, but know that the more you do it, the faster you will get at it. Article marketing is much like any other skill that you are learning – the more you do it, the better you get at it. So the time that you spend on it per week, per month, will gradually change.

4. It’s always a great idea to outsource as much of your work as you can. A good idea would be to write several articles per week or two week period, and then have your virtual assistant publish them to the various directories and third party sites you choose. She can also stagger the submissions for you, creating a more natural backlinking effect.

5. Writing as many articles as time allows is the best plan, and can really be systematically implemented once you have a “writing schedule” in place. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – it can simply be on Tuesdays and Thursdays I will write two articles. That gives you a nice article schedule of four articles per week, which will result in 208 new articles and backlinks for the year! That’s great – and that’s an easy schedule to follow which will result in a steady increase of traffic to your site.

To put things in the simplest of terms – More Articles = More Traffic. So publish often!



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