Article Marketing Campaign: 5 Step Path To Building Traffic

If you have read any of my articles or other content, you know that I often use the term “article marketing campaign“, and it wasn’t until a member asked me in an email to define what exactly I meant by that term – that I realized that I should define the term for everybody and also give you an outline or map on how to create one that builds you traffic.

Q: So What Is An Article Marketing Campaign?

A: When you create a writing and publishing system in your online business to attract traffic and build your list, you have created and are executing an article marketing campaign. Here’s an example of the system:

1. Write an article on a regular basis. That could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Whatever is a realistic and consistent time for your schedule. But make a decision on it, don’t sit on the fence, this is a crucial part of your campaign. Consistency.

2. Publish your article on your site, an article directory, or third party site/blog. The more established, higher quality, and more traffic the site has – the better.

3. Promote your articles via social networking, email, newsletters, etc.

4. Profit from your articles by promoting affiliate links or through promoting your own products and services. Depending on where you publish, do this within the article and/or the resource box.

5. Repeat the above four steps over and over so that it becomes a natural part of your marketing schedule.

The act of completing and repeating the above steps is what makes you a full fledged article marketer, executing an on-going article marketing campain.

Now you can also set up mini article marketing campaigns that are niche specific. For instance, as the creator of  the article marketing course, Articology – I could write 10 articles all related to steps in that course and make my call to action be something related to Articology. This would be considered a niche article marketing campaign, and these work really powerfully.

In fact if you are planning on launching a new product or service soon – start writing. Publish articles about your new product (in a trickle fashion – not all at once) before you release your product and get crawled in the search engines. Now you can release your product already having laid an article and backlink foundation to your product.

This is how I like to launch a new product or service. And it works. Interest and anticipation is naturally built via the articles. Now all you have to do is wait for people to take the next step.


  1. Walethia Aquil says

    Lisa, it it a good ideal to publish the same articles on your web-site, blog and E-zine.

    With Grace and Charm,

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