Article Marketing For Beginners

Are you an article marketing beginner? No worries because…
If you received mediocre grades on your papers in school, you can do article marketing. If you have never considered yourself a “writer”, you can do article marketing. If you write a list of things to buy from Walmart or Target, you can do article marketing. If you know how to retell a recipe or how to fix something, you can do article marketing. If you have very limited experience on the web, you can still do article marketing.

Guess what? All the internet marketing pros online who are truly making money at this write articles. They may try to sell you some other fabulous NEW marketing product, software, service, etc., but trust me when I tell you that article marketing is part of their overall marketing strategy for their online business. I know multi-millionaires online who STILL write their own articles. They do not outsource. That’s how important it is to your business. It works. It has always worked, and it will continue to work. Content rules the dancehall!

That’s why I created a article marketing training course specifically and especially for beginners that will teach you ALL the pillars of article marketing but in bite-sized lessons. Ones that you can digest and actually implement on a weekly basis. It’s called Articology and membership has been sure and steady over the past year.

I teach this course in 7 modules over the year, but you will be writing and publishing your first article within the first few lessons. So don’t worry, you don’t have to wait a whole year to get going!  Here is what you’ll learn:

MODULE 1 – The Nuts And Bolts Of Article Marketing

In the very first few lessons you will learn what you need to do in order to get writing and published now.

MODULE 2 – Master Your Writing

You will fine tune your articles, bio box, titles, and learn how to write articles that get you Google love – every time.

MODULE 3 – Publishing Your Articles

You will learn every credible, & valuable place on the web where you SHOULD publish your articles and get results.

MODULE 4 – Article Promotion

Now that you’ve written articles, you need people to read them. Learn how to attract & get in front of new readers.

MODULE 5 – Article Shortcuts

Could also be renamed, Article Secrets! These are the strategies that the pros use to produce more in less time.

MODULE 6 – Article Maintenance

It’s not sexy, but it’s gotta be done! Stop article theft. Avoid top article marketing blunders. Track your articles.

MODULE 7 – Article Profits

The big finish! Learn how to repurpose your articles into profit generating streams of income. Over 11 of them!

Remember that this is the most time-tested, proven, and smart way to boost traffic and build your list – hands down. You won’t get banned for slick marketing tricks and you won’t spend hundreds of your hard earned dollars investing in “how to do it”.  So here’s what I want you to do…

1. Learn more about Articology and see if it’s the kind of training you’ve been looking for since you started online.

2. Read a few of my articles written exclusively for beginners. Leave comments on them if any help shed some light on a question you may have about writing on the web.

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