Article Marketing Questions: What Is The Biggest Article Marketing Mistake?

Here is a commonly asked article marketing question from members:

Q: What is the biggest mistake that people make when trying article marketing? I’m just trying to make sure that I don’t make too many mistakes that would cost me time.

A: One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying article marketing is that they do not write effective titles for their articles. The title of your article is important for two very good reasons.

Reason 1.
Your title holds the most importance or the most keyword weight in your entire article. If your keywords are not in your title, then you can pretty much forget about seeing that article in the top results in the search engines. While there can be exceptions to this rule based on the importance of the website where you publish your articles — this seems to be a steadfast search engine optimization rule. Main keywords should be in the title.

Reason 2.
Your title has to be eye-catching and appealing to your readers. If the title doesn’t grab the reader’s attention, then the article will not get read. It’s that simple.

So while article marketing is not rocket science, there is an art to writing titles that readers will gravitate towards AND that the search engines love and will rank favorably. Sometimes the two do not mesh very well, and you have to be a little clever to make the two work synergistically. Other times it can work effortlessly, but like anything else — the more you practice writing article titles the better you will get at it.

Use this checklist to write better titles today:

1. Research the top (your main) keywords and longtail keywords in your niche. (I create a spreadsheet of these keywords)

2. Pick the keywords with the least amount of web competition to start with.

3. Write an article utilizing that keyword. One that will preferably solve a problem for your readers.

4. Place the keyword or keyword phrase in the far front of  your article title.

5. Make sure the rest of the title entices the reader’s hot spot and sparks interest.

6. Write several versions of that same title to practice which you can also later use for different versions or variations of your article.

7.  Rinse and repeat.

In addition to doing these article title writing steps, you could also do a little more research. I like to do research in my niche and find out from various article directories or high traffic blogs in my marketplace – which articles were the most viewed, republished, shared, etc. Chances are that folks who first read them, tweeted them, or published them in their newsletters were attracted to the titles first!

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