Article Marketing Success: Set The Intention

I am pretty much not a big new age person. I mean I love a good yoga class, periodic meditation, and I sure like a great vegetarian meal when prepared properly, but that’s about it for me. So don’t get all frightened when I tell you that the true path to article marketing success is to: Set The Intention To Write.

It may sound a little “The Secret-ish”, but guess what? It works. When I make the decision and set the intention to write a certain amount of articles for the day, the week, or for the year. I prepare my psyche for success, which in turn leads to actual production on my part. I get the articles written. And as I’ve said a 100 times, article marketing success is all a numbers game. The more you write, the faster your path to success.

Set the intention to write ONE article this week and you will. Set the intention to write once a week for the next upcoming month, and you absolutely will. Make the decision to write INSTEAD of waiting to see what you may write, and you will rule the world. Well maybe not the world:), but definitely your niche!

Setting intentions are a little different then setting resolutions or even written goals. There isn’t the same pressure on yourself to produce. There isn’t the feeling of failure when you don’t meet one of your goals. You know like that diet you were suppose to be on Jan.1! Instead there is just a soft voice in your head reminding you that you intend to write something today, this week, this month, etc.

Now that you know what to do — set the intention today to write a little more this week than you did last week; and if that’s your very first article – congrats!

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