Article Marketing Success: Write In The Style That Works For You

There is an article marketing saying that I like to use with myself and especially with clients, and that is that you will find true article marketing success when you decide to write in the style that works for you. So what does that mean?

Well, I figured out a long time ago when I first started out coaching clients on how to write articles and information products that everyone wasn’t good at everything. Meaning that I may have 15 different article templates that my clients could follow to help them write easier, produce articles faster, etc., but that they really never had success with using all 15 of those templates. That’s because regardless of experience, aptitude, or willingness — everyone has a writing style that works better for them then may work with another person.

Some clients worked better creating a list. Ex. Top 10 List of Article Marketers

Others worked better with the How To formula. Ex. How To Build A Windmill

Some do better with the problem/solution format, and so on and so on.

The key is to find the writing style and formula that works best for you and use it as much as your heart’s content. There is no rule out there that you have to use a million different types of writing formats or styles. There is no law that says that every one of your articles cannot be a how-to or a list. That may be the way that you think an organize ideas. Some people design and live their whole lives based around “to do” lists. That may work best for you, and results show that readers love lists.

It is a much better idea to take a style that you can implement easily and run with it then to be “stuck” for days or weeks writing nothing because you want to write differently. Remember what I have said a million times before – article marketing is a numbers game. While I strive for high quality content with every article that I write, I know that it is more important that I write and publish content consistently. And for many folks out there – the key to that is to stick to what you know!


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