Article Marketing Tips: Article Marketing Sabotage Part 2

The first thing I ask a client who complains about lack of success with article marketing is how often they publish articles. Think about it. How many articles have you published in the last week, month. or last six months?

That’s what brings me to today’s article marketing sabotage tip…

Tip 2 – You Suffer From A Lack Of Submissions

I took honors science a very long time ago, so excuse me if this metaphor makes no sense:-), but I actually want to compare article marketing success to physics. For every action there is a reaction. Which simply means the more you act on the writing and submission of articles, the more results you will see.

In case no one told you, article marketing is a numbers game.

I know there are “experts” out there that would have you to believe that by writing a few simple articles you can make yourself a traffic magnet — but that’s simply not the case.

You have to write and you have to write often.

Now I’m not trying to scare you away from article marketing. Yes, consistency is key to success but that does not mean you have to be a slave to your computer.

More than a set number of articles to strive for, it’s more important that you find a writing rhythm. Where most people falter, is when they write 10 articles in ten days and then never write anything again.

No, what I want you to concentrate on is finding a writing rhythm that falls naturally into your marketing flow. For instance, there are things I’m sure that you do everyday or every week in your business. What are they?

Do you check email, blog, social network, write and test PPC ads, etc. Find a spot in the week where article marketing can fit into your daily or weekly marketing.

I have always written best at night. Right now it is midnight EST while I am writing this. So this is how I fit writing into my ritual. I work on products, social marketing, and other stuff during the workday, but I always fit in time at night to write my articles.

This is a natural rhythm for me. This is when I write best. And this is a time that I can be the most consistent writer. What time is that for you?

Find your writing rhythm and submit your articles on a consistent basis and the reaction you will see is more qualified traffic reaching your site and making you money.

Do you have any tips on how to help other article marketers find their writing rhythm? Let us know!

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