Article Marketing Tips: Article Marketing Sabotage Part 3

You’ve got the greatest product in the world right? Or you provide a killer service don’t you? You want to share it with the world – and you should – the trouble is, is that your prospective customers and clients don’t want to hear about it right now.

Right now they don’t even know who you are, and why they should trust you.

Right now they just want to learn something new, something useful, and they want to learn it for free.

That leads me to my next article marketing sabotage tip

Tip 3 –  Stop Writing Sales Copy

The reason why your article marketing may not be succeeding is because you are not marketing “articles” at all – but instead, writing glorified sales letters to your prospects.

Think about how you search for answers on the web. When you are looking for solutions, do you want your results to be sales-based or information-based? Isn’t it a basic online marketing principle that you have to “train” or “teach” people to buy from you. So why would you want their first contact with you to be what reads like a sales letter?

Listen, the point of article marketing is to attract new traffic. So it’s safe to say that these people aren’t even on your list yet. You must offer some sort of value, information, tips, recommendations — something that doesn’t scream “self promotion” before you can even consider selling to them.

You may ask: Well how do I know the difference in my articles Lisa? The point of my articles is to attract traffic to my product, so I talk about my product.

My answer is: The point of writing articles is not to promote your product, but to answer questions that the prospects in your niche have about your topic. Solve problems for prospects and you will have life-long readers and qualified customers. Subliminally, your information-packed article should to all the promotion for you. And of course the only real place to blatantly “promote” your product is in the resource box.

Finally, at the end of the day, writing articles that read like sales copy does not work. It is a waste of your time and energy to even write and publish those types of articles. Focus your energy on writing articles that inform – not sell.

After all it’s kind of — tacky:-) What do you think?

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