Article Marketing Tips: Article Marketing Sabotage Part 4

When you are searching for content on the web, the top results for the keywords that you are using can more than likely be found in the titles of your results. Title of the website or Title of the article.

So it’s no surprise just how important it is to get the “titles” of your articles right. It can really make a strong difference on whether or not people find your content or not.

That brings me to my next article marketing sabotage tip:

Tip 4 – Fix Your Poor Title Writing

There are marketing experts out there who write entire ebooks or courses on writing effective titles for articles, infoproducts, and sales copy but I don’t think the topic warrants that much information. Not if you follow these simple guidlines:

1. Do not panic. Let your titles flow from a genuine place and you tweak the title later with proper keywords etc. First write titles that makes sense in regards to the topic of the articles.

2. Add your keywords as close to the beginning of your title as possible. Keywords in the “front” position hold more weight.

3. Do not make your titles too long. The keywords that I just asked you to place in the front of the title, will lose their “juice” the more you dilute them with other words around them. Keep your article titles short and simple, but of course they still must make sense.

4. Have the titles ask the reader a question or make a strong, memorable statement.

5. Make SURE that they keywords you build your article title around are terms that your niche is searching for. Do your keyword research. Ultimately this will decide how many people will purposefully visit your sites and convert.


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