Article Marketing Tips On Kindle

Were you the last person to know on the planet that I LOVE my Kindle? I mean I’m always talking about it!

Well now I’ve taken my love for Kindle to the next level by offering all my daily article marketing tips as a subscription for anyone who owns a Kindle. If you didn’t know, you can read your favorite newspapers, blogs, books, magazines, and PDF’s on your Kindle. In fact, I read all of my infoproducts on my Kindle as well as my vampire fiction! That’s just how versatile it is.

Everyday my article marketing articles will be delivered to your Kindle automatically via Kindle’s Whispernetâ„¢ technology. That means you can be on the subway, work, the hair salon, and read my articles as soon as they are published. No need to find a Wi-Fi hot spot. That’s what’s so cool about Kindles. I can get a book, a blog, a PDF anywhere — anytime.

If you prefer to read my daily article marketing info on your Kindle when your snuggled in bed with a glass of wine and some popcorn (or is that me:-), then go over to Amazon and subscribe to my article marketing articles today!

Don’t own a Kindle? Get more information on the right Kindle for you.



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