Article Submission Duplicate Content

There is an ongoing seo discussion around the idea of article submission duplicate content. A big reason why this topic comes up is because of the dozens of article submission software products there are in the marketplace.

Submission software submits your one unique article to hundreds and hundreds of directories, blogs, 3rd and party sites. But the word on the street is that when you do this, you may suffer a Google penalty for having duplicate content on the web.

But what really happens is something called a duplicate content filter, not a penalty. Most of the sites that these software programs submit to are irrelevant sites and blogs with no authority and no value. So rather than show those results in a search, Google will omit them and only show the relevant sites with your article.

The point of this video is to show you that as long as your articles are on relevant sites or sites with “authority”, your results will show. For instance, in this video I will show how I rank in 7 of the 10 listings for my article’s title. 6 out of those 7 are completely different sites. Thus – dispelling the myth that Google is going to wack you over the head or hand out some sort of article submission duplicate content penalty for submitting to more than one site.


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    Hi Lisa,
    I like your post on duplicate articles. I have been searching for a good article submitter with out all of this mumble-jumbo about needing a article spinner that goes along with the article submitter. Are they trying to capitalize on a myth to make money or is it a myth? I'll take your word for it and call it a myth myself.

    Emery C

    I'm sure you are

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    Thank you Lisa! Finally, after reading through several vague articles that mostly offer speculation, you are the only person who clearly summed up the duplicate article submission question.

    With much appreciation,

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