Article Writing: How To Create An Ideal Writing Workspace

woman cooling offIt is quite unusual for me to not have completed any article writing on my own blog for days like I have this week. My only excuse – I am so HOT! We are having a heat wave over here on the East Coast of the United States – especially in my area (PA, NY, NJ). When I relocated to Pennsylvania, I bought a big ‘ole 8 bedroom colonial. No central air. I thought I would be fine, because while it does get hot in the summers here, it usually doesn’t get this hot for this long.

So it made me think, unknowingly I have created a less than ideal writing condition for myself — which is a little “crazy” when this is my livelihood. Next thing I knew, I looked up and the week was almost over. So how about you? Have you created an ideal writing workspace? Or have you sabotaged yourself?

1. Is the temperature in the room you write in ideal depending on the season? (I put a small air conditioner in my office now:)

2. Is your writing area clean? (Uh, that’s a work in progress:)

3. Are there distractions when you attempt to write articles? TV. Kids. Etc. (I do have a TV in my office, but watching the news often helps me generate article ideas)

4. Do you have things within arms reach in your writing area such as a cool or hot drink, tissues, telephone, writing pad, pen/sharpie/sticky notes, etc. (If you have to get up all the time for little things you can lose focus easily)

5. Is your seating comfortable? Are you working from a desk or comfortable kitchen table? Or are you sunk low on a couch? Remember that you can create or aggravate carpal tunnel symptoms if you are not seated correctly and your hands and wrists are typing at an incorrect angle. If your back is aching because you use an old folding chair from 20 years ago, you may want to consider upgrading to a better chair. You cannot possibly be creative if you sitting for short periods of time is too uncomfortable.

6. Does your computer and internet work well? If you are still using dial-up, you cannot possibly be effectively submitting and/or publishing articles on the web. It’s just too slow. Also, while I know that computers are not cheap, if you are working on a seriously outdated, slow, unreliable computer, you will be frustrated and produce less. If you are going to treat your business as a real business and not a hobby, it is essential that you have a reliable and updated computer.

7. Add touches of motivation and inspiration. In my workspace I must have a scented candle, a big plant, pictures of my family, and any awards or certificates etc. that I have earned. Now that’s my home office. But if you are in a smaller space or your kitchen etc., then think about what inspirational elements you could temporarily add when writing.

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