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Reviews By Lisa Angelettie

My Review Disclaimer
There are folks on the web who do nothing but write reviews of internet marketing products and services because they want to get a free copy of the product or free access, or they want to trash someone, or most likely they want to make an affiliate sale. These are all common reasons for reviews, but let me be upfront about why I’m doing it before you read ’em.

  •  I like to write, and nothing is easier then to babble on about something that you’ve just tried. I mean isn’t that the very foundation of movie critiques? (I am a frustrated “wish I was” movie reviewer by the way:)
  •  Earning affiliate income is one of my multiple income streams, and I want you to do some of the legwork for you if you are deciding on what products/services to try and then promote yourself.
  • I don’t get off by trashing someone who has worked hard at what they do. Hey, even if it’s a big waste of time, I still appreciate that someone created a product, marketed it, and converted traffic into sales. That’s no minor feat!
  • I absolutely DO join affiliate programs, although I often will review something with a program I haven’t joined due to a variety of reasons. One being that I forgot to do it!
  • No one pays me to write reviews. Again – I don’t have that much juice:)
  • I only review products or services that I have tried, used, and most likely paid for. I may also review a professional that I have worked with in general. When I do – you know that they’re the real deal. I only recommend a few pros out there who I have truly learned from. Not my JV partners or associates.

Okay now that I’ve said all of that, please enjoy my marketing reviews on products and services that best serve solo entrepreneurs such as coaches and consultants, and you!

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