Pop Up Domination – Review

Pop Up Domination – Moved Me To Write This!

You will notice that I do not do too many reviews on this site. That’s because I am so busy trying new things out (I’m a bit of a closet techie geek) that I completely forget to write about them after I’ve implemented them — but I’ve got to admit, this one moved me to write. Anytime you can see a dramatic difference in an aspect of internet marketing, you owe it to the rest of the web to let folks know.

I purchased the Pop-Up Domination WordPress plugin and installed it on my site a couple of weeks ago. I can’t tell you the day because honestly I couldn’t find my receipt – but I saw immediate results. The plugin creates a customizable subscriber pop up light box on your home page or every page ,where visitors to your site can sign up to be a subscriber to your list. You probably saw mine when you visited the site today (if you are a new visitor this week).

This is a look at my stats over on Aweber (my ezine list/autoresponder company) for most of the month of December. After installation, my subscriber sign-ups began to increase per day almost instantly. People even signed up on Christmas!

pop up domination review

So what makes the Pop-Up Domination plugin so great?

1. It’s a WordPress plugin. Installation and activation is easy vs. adding code manually to the proper area on your site’s template.

2. It is customizable. The plugin comes with templates and you can easily customize the colors, text size, etc. You can add your own images (or not) and the opt-in box will still look good.

3. There is an X clearly visible on the opt-inbox for visitors to close  if they aren’t interested. (Many pop-up boxes don’t have this which annoys the heck out of visitors!)

4. It works with most of the top autoresponder companies out there. Just copy and paste their generated code.

5. You can control how often visitors see your box and you can control at what point they see it.

6. It looks good. It really gives your site a polished look.

7. Many of the pros use this plugin. I’m sure one of the leaders in your niche is using it. Don’t let them be the only one who maximizes conversion of new visitor traffic!

8. Bottom line – my subscriber rate doubled! Do I have to say more? Want to try it on your site? I think you should. Worst case scenario, it doesn’t work, then you can simply deactivate it like any other plugin.

Try: PopUp Domination (aff. link)



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