August Article Ideas

For some reason I think of August as a “lazy” month because it’s so hot (where I live) and because most therapists vacation in August. Better not have a mental health crisis in August! All the good therapists are on a cruise. So in the spirit of keeping you writing, and not just sitting by the pool this month, here’s a list of August article ideas you can use to generate content for your site(s), the directories, etc. Write about these month long observances.

American Artist Appreciation Month
Don’t the artists from other countries get all the glory? Here’s a great chance to write about HOT or new American artists. You can request an interview (which most artists will gladly give you to gain the exposure). You could write about art-related topics and tie them into your business. Example: the use of color in a piece or the absence of art progams in American schools. Use American artists work as examples in your pieces. (Show pictures but make sure to give proper credit to artist and owner of picture.) Affiliate article marketers can promote artist pics and replicas via affiliate programs such as

Foot Health Month
Our feet are way more important then we give them credit for. They get us from point A to point B everyday, in uncomfortable shoes, with zero complaints:) It’s only fitting we give them a little love in August. You can write plenty of articles on foot health, foot massage, pedicures, trends in pedicures, reflexology, foot disorders, podiatry, better foot care, shoes, exercise and feet, sizing your shoes properly, and of course the list can go on and on. Just use a little imagination! Affiliate article marketers can promote foot care products, shoes, exercise programs that are low-impact on the feet, etc.

Home Business Month
Here’s a fantastic topic to write about, because most of us know first-hand what it is to start and run a home business. We’ve all seen the general articles on starting a home biz, so now is the chance to dig a littler deeper for those long-tail keyword phrases and write about sub niches within this market. You could go local: Example: Philadelphia Home Business Affiliate article marketers can promote a lot of great home business start-up programs, ebooks, products on Clickbank, books on Amazon, and any types of products which support a home business.

National Catfish Month
Recipes! Recipes! Recipes! Okay so what else? Where do catfish come from? Where are they caught? Farm raised vs. Wild caught. How to eliminate catfish odor when cooking. Affiliate article marketers can promote recipe books, fishing products like reels, bait, (this is a big hobby!), and how to be better fisherman books, etc.

National Golf Month
Are you kidding me? With Tiger Woods in the media all the time there is plenty of news related items you can write and comment on. You can of course talk about improving one’s golf game. Children and golf – building character. Best golf excursions. Better golfing tips. Golf and business networking. Affiliate article marketers can promote anything golf related from products like clubs, balls, gear to books and ebooks on building a better golf game.

National Inventors Month
Here’s a great topic. You could do a ton of interview articles on new inventors. Write articles on old patents expiring. Feature articles on best inventions in your niche. Example: Home business owners could do a feature on the history of computer inventions. It truly revolutionized how we do business. Affiliate article marketers can find new products to promote in this niche. Technically they are new inventions. Like the ones you see on “As seen on TV”. They have an affiliate program you could join to promote all the products you see on television.

National Water Quality Month
Is the water in your area okay to drink, shower in, cook with? Hey, I don’t know but maybe you could find out and write a bunch of localized articles on area water quality. Affiliate article marketers could absolutely promote water testing kits.

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