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Aweber Tutorial: How To Create A Blog Broadcast Newsletter

by Lisa Angelettie

in Article Blogging, Ezines

Does the thought of creating a newsletter completely overwhelm you? Then I highly recommend creating an automatic blog broadcast newsletter in Aweber. And I’m going to show you how to do it in under ten minutes in this Aweber blog broadcast tutorial – video edition.



A blog broadcast newsletter is an email newsletter that you create by pulling from the published articles on your blog’s RSS feed. If you have a WordPress or Blogger blog, then you absolutely have an RSS feed. Every time you publish a new article to your blog, it will be added to your Aweber blog broadcast, so the great thing about this strategy is that you can set it once and forget it.


When I first started my consulting business, I was spending most of my time creating content and searching for clients, I didn’t have the time necessary to publish a regular newsletter. BUT one thing I knew was that it was very important to continue engaging my list. Sporadic engagement will only result in sporadic results, and people will forget why they signed up in the first place or even who you are. That’s why it’s a great idea to use a blog broadcast newsletter as your main weekly, bi-weekly newsletter, or as an article wrap-up type of a newsletter.


This video was created to supplement my original written tutorial:
The Beginner’s Guide For Creating An Online Newsletter

Newsletter/Autoresponder Service Used: Aweber

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Lisa Angelettie

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  • http://www.holisticlifestyling.com Therese Prentice – Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner

    HOTNESS!! This is awesome Lisa!! I have to tell all my colleagues to check out your blog because each week it gets better and better with all of the great teaching topics. Love it! Thank you!

    • http://www.lisaangelettie.com Lisa Angelettie

      Thanks so much Therese! Looking to create more videos as we move into 2013!

  • http://profitablebusinessbrands.com Kelly Green

    Thank you Lisa! I am working on my new newsletter now, so this video was right on time. Question: After I’ve done what you showed, do I need to remove the text that’s currently there in order to put in my own copy? I’m afraid to remove any of the default text! :) Thanks!

    • http://www.lisaangelettie.com Lisa Angelettie

      Hey Kelly,
      If you’re going to customize your blog broadcast newsletter, then all you need to do is add copy or html above the default personalization code or below it. All the code does is pull the blog post information from your RSS feed. If you wanted to create a totally customized newsletter with pulling from the feed, then you would create a plain “broadcast” newsletter instead of a blog broadcast one.
      Thx for reading:)

  • http://profitablebusinessbrands.com Kelly Green

    Woops, never mind! Figured it out, thanks!

    • http://www.lisaangelettie.com Lisa Angelettie

      Ooops didn’t read your oops before I wrote my response. Maybe it will help someone else though:)

  • http://BasicBlogTips.com Ileane

    Very nice video tutorial Lisa. I am pondering whether to send out a blog broadcast or not. At this point I’m only using the follow up and the regular broadcast features of AWeber. If I change my mind I know where to get the step by step instructions!

    Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!

    • http://www.lisaangelettie.com Lisa Angelettie

      Thanks so much Ileane. The blog broadcasts are a lot easier to manage:)

  • http://momsguidetotravel.com Tawanna Browne Smith

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa….every time I read your blog I lose my footing (and a piece of my loyalty) to MailChimp. Aargh! At any rate, great tutorial and if I do ever decide to make the jump, at least I know where to come for an instruction manual! ;)

    • http://www.lisaangelettie.com Lisa Angelettie

      Come over to the light….LOL!

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