Build Trust With Customers Using Article Marketing

We are in a great new and improved information age. While print media is dying out , new media is taking its place as the next best place to do our research, catch up on our news, and connect with others. That’s why you should absolutely be taking advantage of the internet and use it to build trust with customers and prospects by using article marketing.

It’s a simple concept really. How do you want to present yourself to potential customers? As a trusted source of information, knowledge, and solutions right?

As you spread your message on the web and grow your visibility, people are going to begin to “Google” your name. I know it to be true, because my website stats reveal that many of my visitors come to me through the search term “Lisa Angelettie”. The same is probably happening with you.

So here’s my question – What do people see in the results when they search for your name? If they see results for a personal MySpace page or some of your goofy personal “tagged” photos on Facebook, then you may have a bit of a hard time convincing folks that you are a professional to be trusted.

It’s important that when you have someone search your name to not just find your social media profiles (like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In), but to also find high-quality and informative content, better yet lots of it on your topic, and you are well on your way to building a relationship of trust between you and your potential prospects and customers.

*Special Tip
In order to make sure that your articles do come up in searches under your name (author name), make sure to add your name as a meta tag keyword.


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