Do You Have Great Affiliate Resource Tools?

I must say – this is an area in which I am horribly lacking. I don’t have a kick-butt affiliate resource area for my affiliates — but I am so committed on working in that area because I really believe that building an army of affiliates is one of the best ways to create passive income and generate more web traffic to your site – hands down!

I just happen to be lucky that I have attracted some really good affiliates who were able to come up with their own great articles and blog posts to promote my sites. But imagine the possibilities if I made it REALLY easy for affiliates to promote my products and services.

As a part of my blog expansion in the next few weeks ahead, I am going to start writing reviews of new products and services that you may be interested in using for your business — so I recently just bought a newly released “Get Google Ads Free” product (created by a retired New York doctor) which I am going to review – but when I looked at his affiliate section I was amazed!

He has so many options for you to promote this product that I can’t imagine how he will not make thousands on it. Go take a look at the affiliate section over there if you want some ideas on what types of tools you need to develop in order to get your affiliates selling your stuff like hot cakes. I have already begun developing 3 different tools for my articology affiliates which were inspired from what I saw over in his affiliate section!


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