Email Newsletters Vs. Print Newsletters

Do you prefer email newsletters or print newsletters?

I have written and published both print newsletters and email newsletters. As we move into a more highly digital world, I was wondering how people PREFER to read their newsletters.

We all get a lot of email, many text or html newsletters, that we read weekly or monthly. I’ve even been contemplating getting iPad versions of my favorite magazines – but not sure if I’m ready to go 100% digital. Are you?

These are my questions:

1. Do you prefer email or printed newsletters?

2. If you prefer email, do you read them on your computer, phone, ipad, or other digital reading device?

3. Do you make a decision on print vs. email based on price? Meaning do you always pick the free option?

4. If you had to pay for both print and digital versions of a newsletter, which would you rather pay for?

Please leave your answers in the comments section of this post and let’s get a good discussion going. It’s one thing to read “stats” about electronic publishing, etc. but it’s another to see what REAL folks are saying in my world.


  1. says

    Hi Lisa, you are raising some interesting questions here.

    1. Email is more comfortable and for the most part I would prefer email. But in some cases printed newsletters can be attractive, cause you don’t see them as often as emails.

    2. I read my email using a computer and phone mainly.

    3. I would say I do make my decision based on price and going with the cheaper/free option.

    4. If I have to pay, then I would rather choose a printed newsletter. Most people think that if you pay for a product, it’s more valuable than a free one. And having a physical version instead of a digital one, can add more value.

    But it’s looking like more and more people are going 100% digital. Will see what the future brings.

  2. Jen B. says

    For organizations that I’m interested in and support, I like a print version. For organizations that I’m not personally attached to, I like e-mail because I can easily filter/delete.

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