Getting Started With Twitter

So a few of you wrote me and asked me the same thing I was wondering – how to you get started over at Twitter. How do you get the ball rollin’?

I have found that the easiest thing to do first is to of course create an account over at Twitter, and then start promoting your content using a cool tool called TwitterFeed. What it does is take the headlines and the link to your blog posts (via your RSS feed) and post them to your Twitter account.

The tool will check for new info from your feed as often as you specify, and you can add more than one feed – which is great. I added the one from this blog as well as the feed from my advice column – AskGirlShrink.

If people are interested in your headline, they will click on the tinyurl which the tool creates to your post and presto – you’ve got traffic! Easy Bake Buzz!

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