Have You Done Your Social Media Research?

Have You Done Your Social Media Research?

Movie rental company Netflix raised a lot of ruckus this year when they raised their monthly feels by 60% (wow!) and as a result over a million subscribers dropped the service. Now they’ve decided to separate their online video streaming from their by-mail service and are still calling the online service Netflix and the by-mail service Qwikster. So this is the SECOND flub they made…

They did not do their social media research, because if they had, they would have realized that someone has already taken the name @Qwikster on Twitter and he’s probably not going to give it up without some sort of cash payment.

social media researchHow on earth do you decide to develop a new brand and not do your social media research in this day and age?

Learn your lesson from Netflix’s error, and make sure you aren’t totally sold on your new business name until you’ve done domain address, Twitter, and Facebook research.

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