Holiday Writing: 4th of July – Independence Day Articles

The Fourth of July a.k.a Independence Day is a big holiday in the U.S. Traditionally celebrated with family barbeques, picnics, and fireworks – most major cities across the country have some sort of event planned for the holiday. And most families are looking for something to do.

Holiday Writing Article ideas geared to this general population include:

1. Top 3 Things To Do On 4th of July In (local area)

2. Teaching Your Child About Independence Day

3. How To Host A Great 4th Of July Picnic

4. The Origins Of Independence Day In America (

5. Fireworks Safety

6. How Are Fireworks Made


If you own a business and want to tie-in the holiday, article ideas include:

1. How To Plan Your Fourth Of July Fire Sale!

2. How To Declare Yourself Financially Independent In Your Business

3. Profile of A BootStrapping American Entrepreneur

4. What Fourth Of July Means To (your title ex. lawyers, coaches)


Remember to think of your niche and do a little research.

For example, pet store owners, veterinarians, pet trainers, etc. could write an article on: Fireworks and Pet Safety.

Evidently there is a significant rise in admissions to animal hospitals on July 4th due to fireworks injuries.

Have any great article ideas for independence day? Make sure to add them in the comments section below!

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