Hot Topics For Search Engine Traffic

Hot Topics For Search Engine Traffic

While I typically encourage my community to write evergreen articles and content in order to get maximum shelf life, there are those times when I like to write articles on hot topics to get a surge of search engine traffic to my site. I also call these types of articles Magic Bullet Articles (I teach more about this in Articology).

I think these types of articles are critical for periodically breathing a little life into your site and for also showing a “real-time presence”. In other words, these types of articles allow your readers to know that you are there and your are current – not just evergreen.

So why not take 30 minutes out today and write a hot topic or magic bullet article. Your traffic stats will love it:) Remember that in order for this to work, you need to select a hot topic that you can tie into your site’s niche. Okay, so with that in mind here are a few ideas for you to get started in the next 48 hours:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Discuss their divorce and the infidelity that led to the divorce.

You could discuss the phenomena of how their children are using social media to deal with the divorce.

How to recover from infidelity.

Political marriages.

Celebrity marriages.

2. Floods In South Eastern Part Of United States

The South is experiencing record rainfall and flooding. If you write on this topic or if the flooding impacts your marketplace in some way – then this would be a good topic to write about.

3, Unemployment

Unemployment is still a big problem globally, and it is covered in the news almost everyday. If you are a career coach, you could write about how to effectively apply for a job in today’s market.

You could also write about innovative and fresh ideas for making extra money. There are sites devoted to this that you could use as a resource. Here’s an article on finding a side hustle.

How to save money (budgeting, coupon cutting, etc.).

Stories on history of unemployment in your area and perhaps trends on what markets are easier to get into in that area.

Content on why your business is a great one to start in an economic recession.

4. Bin Laden Raid

There are a lot of stories and content being created around the Bin Laden Raid in Pakistan and the ramifications of that raid. If you cover political news, if you discuss religion or world issues – then you will see a nice surge of traffic from writing on this topic.

5. May 21 – Doomsday

At the time of this writing, this is one of the highest researched topics on the web right now. Write something quickly on this topic (and in my opinion how ridiculous it is:) and really blast it via social media and bookmarking sites to gain quick traction.

Bonus Tip
To always find hot topics that you can write about, search news sites like CNN or check recently searched for topics over at

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