How To Add Cash Register Sound To Apple Mail

When I went to my first internet marketing conference, I was sitting quietly near people who were doing something I wasn’t yet — and that was making money! I watched how their faces lit up whenever they heard the cha-ching sounds of a cash register go off on their laptops. And I stared at them in awe and in a bit of envy. I wanted the sales and I wanted the sound!

Well – I figured out how to make the sales part happen but I never did figure out the whole sound thing until now. Why it took me this long, I don’t know. As a mac user, adding sounds etc. to my computer is a no-brainer. But it was just something else to do. But let me tell you this — if there is something to push you a little harder, to write that last article, to write that next blog post, to work on your next product launch — it is the BEAUTIFUL sound of the cash register going off when you have made a sale! So without further ado…this is how you set up a cash register alert sound on your mac.

1. Find a cash register sound that you like and one which is free. I found mine over at I like this one because it combines the cha-ching sound with the rustling of bills. Sweet!
It would be easier to find a file with an AIFF extension instead of a mp3 file — but we can convert the mp3 — so pick one you like.

2. Click on the link and on the alt/option button on your keyboard and save the sound to your desktop.

3. Open itunes and import the sound into your itunes library.

4. If you have selected an AIFF file, then you do not have to convert it and you can go ahead to step 9.

5. If you have selected a MP3 file, then you have to convert it. Which as you see I did…don’t worry it’s painless!

6. Go to iTUNES ==> PREFERENCES ==> ADVANCED ==> IMPORTING and make sure that you select Import Using: AIFF Encoder in the dropdown box.

7. Go back to itunes and select (or click on) the sound you imported. It should be in the library of itunes.

8. Now go to ADVANCED in itunes and select Convert Selection to AIFF. You will now see the new AIFF file in your library.

9. Drag your AIFF sound file onto your desktop.

10. Open a finder window and select your LIBRARY folder.

11. Open your library folder and then select and open your SOUNDS folder.

12. Click and Drag your AIFF sound file into the SOUNDS folder.

13. Open up SYSTEM PREFERENCES under the apple in the left hand corner.

14. Click on the SOUNDS icon.

15. You should see your new sound listed as a CUSTOM alert sound.

16. Open Apple Mail. Then open PREFERENCES in Apple Mail.

17. Click on RULES and then click on ADD RULE.

18. This is where you add the criteria for your rule such as paypal emails, or clickbank notification emails, etc. And then now you need to tell it what you want it to do when it sees this criteria.

19. Click on PLAY SOUND and then choose the sound on the drop down box you want to hear – your new cash register sound!

20. Save and now your done…When an email comes in that meets the criteria of a type of “sales” email – your cash register sound will play. And oh what a lovely sound it is!



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