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Did you know that you can quickly learn how to carve out a living on the web when you build your own article marketing business? There are several reasons why…

First – people love to read new and useful information. You have an audience of hungry readers.

Second – When you write articles, you can begin to build a “following” of folks who will read your content over and over. These are the people who you will market to and you will eventually buy.

Third – articles have a high perceived value. Better then banners, classified ads, and spammy emails. When you give people real information they can use, you begin to build credibility and your content builds value.

So while those are some very strong reasons why you should start your own article marketing business, the bigger questions many people new to article marketing ask is “how do can I make money exactly?”

Here are my Top 5 ways to make money from the article marketing business…

1. Write articles that teach the reader something of value, but also refer a product or service within the article. Make sure you sign up for the affiliate program of the product or service you are recommending or mentioning so that you get your cut if an affiliate sale is made.

2. Use articles to promote a free offer such as an ebook, ecourse, or video series that will funnel the reader into a paid offer (either your own or someone else’s as an affiliate).

3. Get paid to write. There are a lot of paid writer sites such as which pays you to write how-to articles, and the which pays you to write articles on a specific topic.

4. Repackage a series of articles into a small report and sell it.

5. Repackage a series of articles into a mini e-course. Make sure that you refer an affiliate or pitch something of your own in each lesson or every other lesson.

**To learn other ways to make money from your articles, read more about the Articology article marketing course.

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