How To Create Paragraph Breaks In Your Articles

I have a client who submitted her first article to a niche article directory. The article was fantastic, and I was so proud that she had written it, because it took her quite a while to get past her “fear” of writing anything.

Unfortunately when I went to read the article on the website, it was one big long run-on sentence. This is because the article directory she submitted it to requires you to use html code in order to create any visual text such as bold, italics, paragraph breaks, and links.

As you write and submit your articles to different article directories, you will find that each directory has it’s own rules etc. for how to submit article to them. You have to make sure that you review these instructions. Do NOT assume that you can submit your articles in the same fashion to every directory. Some sites automatically create paragraph breaks for you when you press RETURN on your keyboard, others like this one require you to type in the html code.

How to create paragraph breaks in your articles:
All you have to do to create a paragraph break is to type the html code:
<br> <br>

Sometimes the code can look like this: </ br> </ br>

Either way will be fine. Remember if you only use one <br> it will only go to the next line right under what you just typed. You need two of the <br><br> to create a space between one paragraph and another.



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