How To Dictate Articles To Your iPhone

I didn’t do the whole top ten resource list that all the marketers seemed to do for the beginning of the new year. Sorry:) I just like to write about resources as I come across them. So I thought I’d recommend this new iPhone application: Dragon Dictation.

What it will allow you to do is dictate article titles, topics, paragraphs, messages or perhaps tweets to your iPhone which then coverts the audio to text and sends them to your email.

All I could think about when I ran across this app is all the times I am in the car shuttling one kid or another to some activity, and then an idea strikes. Eureka! While my iPhone does have a feature on it that allows me to record my voice, it doesn’t convert that audio to text like Dragon Dictation. Lovin’ it! Best of all it’s FREE!

Learn more about it here:



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