How To Fix Paypal Button In WordPress Thesis

How To Fix Paypal Button In WordPress Thesis: The Quick Fix!

When I run into little glitches building and running my websites, I like to post the workarounds I find for my readers. This was one that was driving me crazy a few months ago and that a few of my clients have also recently run into (I forgot to warn them:)

So here’s a little weird thing that happens primarily on Thesis WordPress blogs. When you create a PayPal payment button and post the code for the button in your WordPress blog’s html editor and save, you’ve probably noticed that your PayPal button looks ENORMOUS and as a result also — distorted.

After searching the web (thank you Andrew :)), I found that the quick fix for this is simply copying and pasting a little bit of code in your CSS code file:

1. Open your Thesis Custom File Editor.

2. If you open this file directly through your blog’s admin, your custom.css file should open automatically or you can select it from the drop down menu. Select EDIT to edit the file.

3. At the end of the file add the following code:

.custom .format_text input, #commentform input, #commentform textarea { width:auto;

fix paypal button4. Save your file and refresh. Check out the page where you pasted your code. Your PayPal button should look a normal size now.

Hope this was just the FIX you need today:)


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    Thank you so much for posting that information! I couldn’t figure out how to get the button to be the correct size when I finally gave up and decided to search the web. There you were – with just the information I needed. Thanks!

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    Add me to your list of fans, Lisa. I’ve spent 3 days trying to get that damned Paypal button to show up properly and not all big and blown out. I finally figured it might be Thesis, did a search for Paypal Buy Now Button and Thesis. Your article popped up and your fix worked. So easy. So fast. But I still can’t find the code in the main CSS file that was messing up the Paypal button. And I can’t figure out how your code fixed it. But it worked! And now I can move on. Bless you! Thank you! Greg

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    Thank you! This must be the issue with the newer Thesis version because it works the buttons work fine on my older version. This post saved my day! Thank you!!


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    Thanks so much for this quick fix! Usually I Google every problem, but not this one. Instead, once I determined my code was okay, I called PayPal support. The support person (very knowledgeable, BTW) did the Googling, sent me a link to your site, and it was all fixed in seconds.

    A thought: You add a line of code in the CSS you display, namely “border-style:hidden;”. You might want to include that in the copy-able code text in your blog as well.

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