How To Grow Your List Through Monthly Teleseminars

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One of the coaching services I offer is “e-coaching or web-coaching” where clients have one-to-one access to me every day of the business week via email to ask me their most burning question.

Here’s the most recent question I received (client identity is confidential):

Question: “Here is one area of concern – list building. About five months ago I started hosting a monthly teleseminar in order to build my list. Today is my 5th one. When I started there were 47 people on my list. Now there are 138. Not what I was hoping for.

I am committed to these calls through the end of the year. I enjoy speaking which keeps me doing it. The people I am interviewing also have small lists, and they aren’t really doing much promotion either. How do I do a better job in building my list for the teleseminars?”

Answer: A monthly tele-class or radio show is a great visibility strategy and credibility too (based on who your guests are).

I agree… turtle-paced list growth is very frustrating!

Here are some simple things you can do to increase list building results (some you may be doing already):

#1. Invite guests that do have bigger lists than you (sometimes this is a stretch outside of our comfort zone but well worth the reach.)

#2. Make it a requirement that your guests invite their list to the call (you can use a speaker agreement and provide them with a short invitation script that they can copy/paste/send to their list).

#3. Use teaser bullets when you announce the topic for your upcoming call to create curiosity. Teaser bullets are a like mini headlines and we all know how important compelling headlines are – right!? After you done reading this post, hop on over to and enter “teaser bullets” into their search box. Just this one change alone can dramatically increase interest in your teleseminar topics!

NOTE: Copy Blogger is my #1 resource for boosting my motivational copy skills! I recommend that ALL of my clients spend some time on their blog. Why? Because writing effective copy is an essential skill set for women in business online.

#4. Use cliff hanger statements/bullets in your communications to build excitement about what’s coming up next month. If you’ve ever watched a daytime or evening drama and experienced… “Here’s what’s coming up next on Days of Our Lives” for example and they play a series of clips that move you to the edge of your seat and leave you saying “Oh I can’t wait to see THAT episode! I’ve got to know what happens!” – that’s what you can create in your copy. Here’s a great article on – you guessed it – that talks about this (see #5) and gives a great example too.

#5. List your tele-classes with free teleseminar listing services such as

a. See You On the Call at

b. Conference Call University at

#6. Use a “tell a friend” page/script as a thank you page once people opt-in. The service I use for some of my virtual events is (at the bottom of the form you can include a “slide by” link that takes them to your official thank you page and call-in details)

#7. Invite more than one expert to each call and conduct a PANEL discussion… instead of one guest inviting their list, now you have three each month (and triple the traffic filtering through your Tell A Friend page too!).

As you can see there are many ways to “take it up a notch or ten!” as I like to say ;)

LAW this to this

For additional list attraction advice you can also visit The event is over but the recordings are still available.


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