How To Pick An Authentic Niche Like Elin Nordegren

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods have finalized their divorce, and Elin gave an exclusive interview to People Magazine about it. In the interview she talked about her divorce, Tiger’s infidelities, and the degree in psychology she has almost completed. It made me think. She may have picked an authentic niche if she works it right.

There are two kinds of entrepreneurs on the internet. Those who are about making money regardless of the niche or the product, and those who are making money selling something that they truly believe in. This of course is the same in the offline world as well. We all have friends who have great money working at jobs they hate, and then we have those friends who have discovered the “sweet spot” and make good money doing something they love. You know like Oprah:)

So how do we pick an authentic niche? How do we choose a business idea that we can pay the bills with but also enjoy doing? A good mix of what you love, what people will pay for, and right time – right place. This is what I mean…

1. Elin Nordegren is famous. There is nothing she can do to change it. She just is. She could use that.  (Right place, Right time)

2. Her husband was a BIG cheater. Infidelity is a big reason couples come to therapy. (What people will pay for)

3. Elin has almost completed a degree in psychology. (what she loves)

At this point, Elin could write a book about infidelity, divorce, moving on, etc. and build a practice around it. Instant authentic niche. So now all you need to do is apply these same principles to your own life and then you will know and not have to wonder if you have picked an authentic niche. One that will change your life.

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