How To Run A Profitable Coaching Business

When I first started online, I really only knew how to write and how to work within a traditional psychotherapy practice. So I did those two things, fairly “o.k.”, with mixed results. It wasn’t until I met Ali Brown that I realized just how limited my thinking had been, and how I could change my life when I learned from her how to run my own profitable coaching business.

If you are in the middle of re-inventing yourself due to the economy, perhaps you lost your job, perhaps you were phased out — or maybe you are already a coach but have failed to generate the income you expected, then I URGE you to take a look at Ali’s new Coaching Business Intensive.

Now I warn you, this is a very special event for people who are serious about taking their coaching business to the next level; I mean making six and even seven figures serious! So the program is a serious investment, but I can assure you that it is a qualified investment. And this is why…

1. Ali has been successfully making this type of money with her multi-level coaching programs for years now. In fact, last year she made over $2 million dollars with her coaching business. All planned, created, and run from her home office in Cali’.

2. She is a “master” at teaching how to take your expertise and package what you know into high-revenue generating coaching packages and programs. She’s done it for dozens of clients and can do it for you.

3. She is great at helping you change your “mindset” into one necessary to step out of what you’ve always done and into a new place of growth and success.

The information you will learn from this intense coaching workshop will be strategies you can use over and over in any coaching practice, and can teach to other coaches whom you may mentor in the future.

Read more of the details and listen to Ali’s preview call here:

Ali Brown’s Coaching Business Intensive

For any members of my community here (my tribe:) that decide to take the coaching training, I will gift you a completely free year membership into Articology. All you have to do is email a copy of your receipt to my assistant Pam over at my support desk:


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