How To Use Twitter For Business

I have been recently writing about how I have made the decision to really narrow down and focus on a few select social media and marketing platforms in an effort to grow traffic, my list, and my brand.

So lately, I have been thinking about adding Twitter to my very short list because from what I’m gathering – it can provide a significant impact to your blog readership (if of course you write something worth reading:)

I think two bloggers who really explained the spirit of Twitter and how to use it effectively in growing your brand online are Darren from ProBlogger and Maki on Dosh Dosh. It’s not just about collecting all the “friends” you can get!

I opened a Twitter account a while ago – but didn’t really “get it”. Now I think I do – and I thought it was worth passing it forward. By the way, if you are already a Twitter user, can you share the top 3 benefits you have experienced from using it? In the meantime, I’m going to get cracking and let you know about my results.


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