Is Perfectionism Ruining Your Potential?

I remember growing up in a home and an academic setting where being a “perfectionist” was considered being someone of great character. I also thought it meant that everything you did was well-done and A+ work. Of course I grew later to realize that this was so far from the truth.

A true perfectionist usually ends up being a very frustrated person, because they often “fail” at doing everything just right. It’s quite a difficult task to be perfect. In fact, I must say that it’s impossible. So if it’s something you are striving for – quit it! You need to especially dump that ideal if you are a solopreneur. You will go crazy.

I have spent many weeks and months stewing over a project, an infoproduct, even an article I’m writing because I want to say just the right thing, or create just the right product, or launch one of my sites just the right way. (I’ve been re-launching my site GirlShrink for at least 2 years!) And it’s all part of my perfectionism disease.

So what I’ve been growing into and slowly learning is that true six and seven figure earners on the web are definitely NOT perfectionists. They are people that make decisions, create, and execute without everything having to be in place. The key is to just do it.

So if you have been thinking about starting you online business, or extending your offline business onto the internet — but want things to be perfect before you do it. Don’t wait. A day wasted is a sale lost. Just get out here like the rest of us – and start doing it:)


  1. C.W says

    Hi Lisa,

    This came at a great time because I do label myself a 100% TRUE perfectionist & the way you describe a true perfectionist is 100% ON POINT! I personally do get so frustrated that I can’t get things finished, much less started…

    However, it’s also not something that you can grow out of overnight- it takes time to learn to be OK with things not being up to par with how you’d like them.

    • says

      Hi C.W.
      Perfectionism is truly just an obstacle we all put up to avoid the pain or fear of doing what needs to be done. I’m a work in progress — but feel that I’m winning the war battle by battle!

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