LeBron James Article Ideas

Lebron James Article IdeasI know what you’re thinking. The buzz is over. He made his decision. Okay he did, and now that all the journalism heavy hitters have written their articles on LeBron James as a free agent, his mother’s alleged indiscretion, his desire to win, his move, and all the other stuff that went with it — we small fish can piggy back off of the “after glow” and rank for other related LeBron James articles.

I don’t care what your niche is, there probably is a way to tie this entire James story into your business. Even if you sell cupcakes! For example, say you sell facial cleansing products and moisturizers, you could write a story about how that the massage oil product you make can help LeBron relax after all this positive and negative hoopla and media attention. I’d name it perhaps: How To Help Lebron James Relax

Here are a few article ideas to help you get started…

1. Write about branding. This LeBron James story is perfect for a branding coach. Here’s an example: 5 Branding Lessons We Can Learn From LeBron James

2. Write about whether you’d choose money vs. some other sort of success in your business. (LeBron chose the desire to win a championship over money)

3. If you live or run a business in Miami, this is a great time for you to write articles that not only get LeBron search engine juice but local seo power as well. Write about what your business can offer LeBron. Write about how his presence in Miami would affect your business.

4. Sadly we could make the same case for Cleveland business owners. How will LeBron’s departure affect your business?

5. Write a feature on NBA families or families who have to move for work. LeBron will probably relocate his family to his new city. How do big moves based on career affect families.

6. Write about NBA triads. Does the 3 man team really mean NBA success.

7. Write about the media attention paid to this story. ESPN dedicated a lot of time and hours to covering James’ decision.

8. Write about how social media factored into this story. Reporters were following players’ comments on this story via Twitter in real-time. It was nuts!

9. Just based on the interest in this player, write basic info articles on him. His high school basketball career. Family life. Friendships. Mentors. Other interests.

10. You could always write an opinion piece on some aspect of this story. How you might have handled things differently. Reaction to Cavaliers owner’s comments. How this affects next season. Or whatever opinion you may have.

Hope these Lebron James article ideas inspire you to write. I’m sure if you sit for a minute, you can come up with 10 additional ones and take advantage of the traffic surge that is sure to come your way.


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    Here's a bonus idea-You could write about how having all your eggs in one basket is dangerous. That's what got Cleveland in trouble in the first place (my cousins aren't going to like to hear me say that…). This could apply to income streams or traffic sources.


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