Link To My Articles! Win Free Software!

Do you own a Mac?

If so, than I have an opportunity for you to win one free copy of the famously fabulous 1Password password management software for Mac.

If you do any sort of social bookmarking, social networking, blogging, web hosting, affiliate promotions, banking, shopping etc. then you must have a ton of logins and passwords! There’s no getting around it.

And I know that you know better than using the same user name and password for every site don’t you? You better not!

I know it’s a pain coming up with AND remembering all those names and logins – because sometimes just saving your password in Firefox or Safari isn’t enough. That’s why I bought 1Password and now I cannot live without it. Just a few notes about it…

1. One license will work on all your computers.

2. It will remember logins, passwords, financial information, other notes.

3. It will generate iron-clad passwords for you and store them.

4. You can use it or launch it straight from your browser.

5. It will store identities for you when you need to fill out long user forms, like when you shop online.

6. They are super-diligent about supporting the software. There are updates and improvements to the software every time I turn around — always making it run even better.

Okay, I’m sold! How Do I Win My Copy?

Well, I love the product so much that I am willing to give to you my free second copy of 1Password. I really think it truly is the most valuable money I ever spent on a Mac product! All you have to do is complete 3 tasks…

1. Subscribe to my newsletter: The Article Buzz Report. You’ll get a few free gifts as well. Don’t worry you’ll love it, and if you don’t — you can always unsubscribe. If you are already a member – you are one step ahead of the pack!

2. Link to as many articles as you like on this site from your own blog, squidoo pages, hub pages, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Feel free to link back to me using keyword anchor text such as: article marketing, writing articles, increase web traffic, article marketing expert.

3. Comment back to this post, with a listing of where I can find the exact links back to my articles.

How Long Do I Have?

Not Long!!! Dec. 1 to Dec. 8. The person with the most links back to my articles is the winner. I will check all the links and then announce the winner on December 9th.

Don’t Own A Mac?

Don’t worry, I’ll be running other non-platform specific contests throughout 2009! There will plenty of chances to win stuff. Also feel free to spread the word about this contest to any mac owners you may know or your list.

*Got this idea from Jack Humphrey!

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