Lisa Angelettie: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

If you read US Weekly, you will know this feature. The magazine will often ask a celebrity to list 10 things that their fans don’t know about them. Whether I know (or care:) about the celebrity is irrelevant. I just find the information interesting. So here’s my attempt to share 10 things that maybe some of my regular readers don’t know about me, and I’d like to extend this exercise to all of you as a writing challenge.

Write about 10 things that your readers don’t know about you, publish the article listing those items (including any relevant links), and share it with us (link to it) in the comments section below. Here we go…

1. My favorite non-alcoholic drinks are Fiji Water and Pepsi. I started drinking Pepsi when I was pregnant with my first daughter (Autumn) and ginger ale didn’t seem to be putting a dent into my first few weeks of morning sickness.

2. I wrote in a diary everyday from the time I was 7 until the day (around 24 yrs. old) my then boyfriend, now husband, found my diary and read it! After that – I found other ways to channel my inner thoughts and emotions:)

3. I love designer handbags. My mom bought me my first handbag for Easter when I was about 5. I’ve been wearing them ever since. The most bags I have of one particular designer is Louis Vuitton.

4. I am not into shoes. I can wear the same pair of white sneakers for like 10 years. I buy flip-flops in the summer and Uggs in the winter. Bam! I’m done:)

5. I love Masterpiece Theatre Classic. I love Jane Austen adaptations. The Brontes. Dickinson.

6. I don’t like horror movies. They’re corny!

7. I love urban fantasy, supernatural romance, and science fiction novels. I read a new fiction book weekly.

8. My favorite all-time band is Led Zeppelin.

9. I write my best stuff when I’m singing while I am writing. I like to sing 70’s and 80’s ballads. Right now I’m singing Donny Hathaway.

10. I don’t like to cook. I am a better baker – but I don’t really like sweets:)

Well that’s it for me. Now don’t be shy! Accept the writing challenge and share with us all 10 things about you that we don’t know…


  1. says

    Let's see 10 things that my readers don't know about me….Hmmm

    1) I am a huge jazz enthusiast. I love everything from David Sanborn to Boney James
    2) I absolutely love Pepsi and Cherry Pepsi, nothing better on a hot day than one of those on ice
    3) I cannot stand shallow people who think it's all about them
    4) I was a huge 24 fan….Kiefer aka Jack Bauer was my boy for 8 seasons. Hated to see the show go but I guess it was time
    5) I am a huge fan of Smallville which by the way will be having its last season this fall starting Sept 24th after 10 crazy years…..What will I do?
    6) I discovered chocolate pancakes w/chocolate chips a few weeks ago and my kids and wife absolutely love them. One of the few things that I can cook…..
    7) I love the Food Network, they always have something good to watch..
    8) My desire is to one day work for myself from home and I think I may have finally made a breakthrough in that direction….Stay Tuned!
    9) My wife and I have been married for 17 1/2 years (18yrs on 2/22/11) and I love her just as much now if not more…..
    10) I used to run a men's ministry and had monthly bible studies at my home….I miss it!


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