Make Money On Twitter With Magpie Ad Network

I knew it was only a matter of time…but someone has gone and did it! Monetized our beloved Twitter. It’s called Magpie, clearly a contribution from our British relatives:-) And they have created an interesting ad monetization strategy for Twitter. I signed up to test it, and this is what you need to do…

1. Sign up with Magpie

2. Tweet like you normally would

3. Magpie will send tweets to your followers which are ads.

4. The ads will be selected based on the topic you are tweeting about.

5. You can select how often they show magpie tweets.

6. You can add a note in front of the tweet that shows your followers

that it is a magpie ad, not an actual tweet from you. OR you can choose not to.

7. You get paid via PayPal when your revenue has hit about $100 USD or £50.

The network only shows ads based on twitter content, so I’m anxious to see what kinds of ads are going to show up. Twitter posts are short. So how smart is this network? I guess time will tell. I haven’t seem many results yet – as I just signed up and although I signed up for a 1 tweet/ 1 ad ratio – I haven’t seen any ads yet. Magpie also claims that they will not always show ads based on your ratio, because they may not have any on your topic to serve. Hmmmmm…I’ll keep you posted.

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