Make Money Promoting Article Marketing Tips On Amazon

Are you an affiliate? Isn’t everybody:) If you are and you love article marketing or writing articles, then it should be a no-brainer to promote article marketing tips and strategies to your Kindle readers.

Even with the competition heating up (iPad, Nook, Sony Reader), Kindle sales are still great and people are slowly using their Kindles for more than reading novels. They are subscribing to newspapers, blogs, and reading their favorite PDF files. (I read many of my information products on my Kindle:)

Also, I can tell by my slowly increasing income from folks who have subscribed to my blog, that interest is picking up. So as you are promoting books, products, etc., think about also promoting CONTENT. While you will not pay your mortgage with the money you make:), my argument is that it’s something new and fresh to offer your members AND something you may want to learn more about so that you can promote your own content as well. Just a few quick steps…

1. Sign up as an affiliate over on the Amazon site

2. Get your code to promote my Article Marketing Tips blog subscription

3. To find the product in amazon, you can use my direct link or you can do a search for “article marketing tips” on Amazon.

4. Talk about it on Twitter

5. Spread the news on Facebook

6. Write an article about it on your site, for your ezine, or for an article directory.



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