May Article Ideas: Holidays & More

Need a few article ideas this month? Well Mother’s Day is not the only holiday there is to write about in May, believe it or not. In fact, there are a ton of other holidays that you can use to write great content and tie into your business. While there are many week-specific holidays that you can celebrate in May, I believe that there are enough month-long holidays to keep you busy and writing the entire month. These are also great if you are an affiliate article marketer.

American Bike Month
Write about biking, bike racing, leisure biking, buying a bike, choosing a bike for your kids, adjusting your bike, bike safety, biking as exercise, famous bikers. good biking courses, biking accessories, etc.

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
Write about Asian Pacific American culture, favorite foods and recipes, history of Asian Pacific American’s in the US, contributions of Asian Pacific Americans to the US, famous Asian Pacific Americans, etc.

Asparagus Month (I wrote this recipe my kids love here)
How to grow asparagus, types of asparagus, asparagus recipes, nutrition facts on asparagus, origins of asparagus, etc.

Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month (Worse year ever! Ok, I say that every year:)
Write about signs and symptoms of asthma and allergies, treatment options, asthma triggers, types of allergies, new medicine reviews, natural cures and prevention, how asthma or allergies affect the body, asthma in children, allergies in children, etc.

Better Hearing and Speech Month
Write about the hearing and speech connection, getting tested, getting your children tested, picking a good speech therapist, hearing and speech careers, all about hearing aids, types of speech and speech therapy, signs your child needs to be tested, hearing, speech and the autism connection, etc.

Flower Month (I love peonies or hydrangeas if you are sending me some:)
You can write about all the the different types of flowers (roses, peonies, daisies, etc.), annuals vs. perennials, how to care for flowers, what kind of flowers to send, etc.

National Bar-B-Que Month
You could go to town on this topic. Barbecue recipes, best cooking strategies, best grills, coal vs. gas, veggies on the grill, chicken on the grill, fish on the grill, etc.

National Egg Month
Types of eggs. Brown vs. White eggs. Egg substitutes. Breakfast egg recipes. Eggs for lunch and dinner.

National Duckling Month
Write all about how ducks live, reproduce, how ducklings are born, how long they stay with their mother, primary source of food, do’s and don’ts on feed ducklings, etc.

National Hamburger Month
Who invented the hamburger? History of McDonald’s. Best places to order a hamburger. Hamburger recipes.

National Mental Health Month
You could write plenty of articles on the many different mental health disorders that people suffer from. Take a look at list of them over at GirlShrink. Write articles on what they are, treatment options, living with loved ones with the disorder, etc.

National Salad Month
Salad recipes. Health benefits of salad eating. Organic salads. Growing your own salad ingredients.

National Photo Month
This is a great affiliate option because you can write about different cameras. Photo printers. Photo printing companies. Photo software for your computer. How to take a good photo. Elements of a great photo. Taking the perfect headshot, family portrait.

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
Talk about physical fitness of the country. Individual fitness stories.  Great gyms or gym franchises. Favorite sports. Sports and children. Sports and teen. Sports and higher academic achievement. Professional sports. Good exercises or total exercise regime for men, women, teens, pregnant women, disabled.

National Strawberry Month
How to grow strawberries. Types of strawberries and where they are from. Great strawberry deserts. Other strawberry recipes. Strawberry flavored stuff and strawberry scented items (like candles).

Older Americans Month
Write about the various issues facing older Americans in the U.S. including: medicare, social security, long-term care, pensions, wills & trusts, working longer and retiring later, diseases such as cancer, dementia, alzheimers.

Transportation Month
Write about future transportation options, or alternative fuels. Write about different types of cars, trains, trucks, buses, bikes, etc. How to travel economically this summer. The history of different modes of transportation. The different costs to travel particular ways across the country (example: bus rides in Georgia, Washington State, Vermont ).



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