Mind Mapping On A Budget

When I am working on the development of one of my information products or one of my books, I like to mind map. Most of the time I use sticky notes, but sometimes I like to create one that I can access from my computer. Problem is that most web-based mind-mapping applications cost and arm and a leg. Not to mention the companies out there that will help you create a mind-map of your next project for an enormous fee!

That’s why I was glad when coach Andrea Lee told me about bubbl.us It’s a free mind-mapping web-based tool that you can use to help create great mind maps of your upcoming projects. Great thing is that it is really easy to learn ( I used it this morning) and you can save your maps as images, embed them in your websites or blogs, or email them to someone on your team.

Try it out at: http://www.bubbl.us/index

Let me know how it works out.


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