My Article Marketing New Year’s Intention (No Resolutions!)

Let me be upfront here and say that I can’t count the numerous times I have made New Year’s resolutions, only to see them fizzle right before my eyes in a matter of weeks. Sometimes days. That’s when I learned from a mentor many, many moons ago — that I was setting myself up for failure by setting resolutions. Instead – I should set intentions. These are not “promises” that once broken damage my self-esteem and morale for months on end!

No — an intention is more of a determination to act a certain way about any one thing. For instance, I am determined to change my article marketing writing schedule in order to efficiently write more articles this year. Why? Because the more I write, the more results I see in my business. BUT I am not setting myself up with a goal of writing 10 more articles a month, or promising to write one article everyday. What if I am sick? What if I actually get to spend the day doing something fun – like going to the spa:) I need flexibility. I need to set myself up for success. That’s why I set intentions. And when the pressure is off – most people tend to fare better in their long term goals.

So as you gear up for the new year, ask yourself what types of actions you are determined to take in your personal life (ex. take a few more personal days for yourself), and in your business life (ex. tighten up the systems in your business).

Then Set The Intention…




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